Remedy Carnival Troupe


Where is Remedy located?
The headquarters is located in the Crown Bay Center in building C.
Can I transfer my costume to another individual?

No, we do not accept costume transfers.

What will happen to my payment/deposit?

Your payment/deposit remains with your current costume. All deposits are non-refundable.

Can I switch my costume style after I register?

No, we do not accept style changes.

Can I change my size after I register?

No, do not accept size changes. Please ensure you initially register with your correct sizes.

If I registered online, can I make a cash payment in person?

No, if you registered online, you must pay your remaining balance online.

Is there an age requirement to become a member?

You must be 18 years old to join Remedy Carnival Troupe.

What day is St. Thomas Adults’ Parade 2024?

Adults’ parade Day is May 4 2024.

I am unable to collect my costume, can another person collect it on my behalf?

Yes, this is possible. Details will be added soon.

Where can I view Remedy’s costumes?

Costumes may be viewed via the online gallery at You can also view the costumes in person at the Remedy headquarters during operating hours.

When is costume pickup?

Costume pickup dates will be determined closer to parade day. Details will be posted in April.

When do I need to pay for my costume?

Your deposit must be paid upon registration, otherwise your order will be incomplete and immediately cancelled. Costumes must be paid in full by April 8, 2023. Members can also make advance payments at Remedy’s headquarters and online through our registration website.

What do I get at costume distribution?

You will receive your complete costume including shoes and feathered backpack, Remedy branded bag,
tumbler, towel, and member wristband. Your costume is not complete without a wristband. Members not
wearing wristbands will be removed from the troupe by security.

I have a comment/complaint, who do I speak to?

Please send any comments to or click here to fill out our feedback form

I have not been receiving emails from Remedy, what can I do?

Please send an email to with your information so that we can update our records with your correct email address. We will send a confirmation email once your address has been updated.

I forgot my password, what do I do?
Please use the ‘Forgot Your Password’ feature on our registration page.
Can my husband/wife jump in the troupe?

No, Remedy only allows paying members to participate in the parade. Non-members may observe from the sidelines; however, they will not be allowed to participate.

What music is played on the road?

Remedy has two bands, Karnage Band and Blind Earz.

Where does the troupe meet on the day of parade?

We will meet at the start of the graveyard near Silver Dollar/Ezzat Tire. Be sure to look out for an email for additional details closer to parade day.

I’m interested in providing a service/becoming a sponsor of Remedy, who do I contact?

Please email

When is the costume payment deadline?

Your deposit must be paid upon registration, otherwise your order will be incomplete and immediately
canceled. Costumes must be paid in full by April 6, 2024.