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Remedy Carnival Troupe.

At Remedy, we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate carnival experience in St. Thomas by offering luxury service, high quality designs, and ultra-premium vibes. St. Thomas has been the carnival leader in the US Virgin Islands for decades and Remedy Carnival Troupe is humbled to be a part of it.

Remedy Carnival Troupe has been a dream of the owners for many years until it came to life in 2019. Remedy’s mission has been to deliver the quintessential carnival experience every year by matching the greatest show with the greatest service. In our inaugural year alone, we established a new standard of industry by becoming the carnival goers’ troupe of choice by smashing through the standard of what carnival troupes previously offered. We go above and beyond to provide a fully thought out and well executed carnival experience that has been talked about ever since. We’ve continued to grow and evolve each year, by consistently improving our already unparalleled service to always meet (but typically exceed) your increasing demands and expectations.

Remedy has completely revolutionized the carnival landscape by quickly becoming the largest carnival troupe in St. Thomas. Despite such rapid growth, Remedy never compromises quality over quantity, and we continue to perfect our product by keeping the members at the forefront and core of our operations. This unwavering, consumer-driven mantra allows Remedy to boast a consistent ‘sold out’ track record every year since our inception.

No need to look any further because Remedy’s got your cure. We strive to ensure that every member is given a memorable experience that is sure to cure your Soca fever. As a true industry pioneer, Remedy always delivers from our band launch to the adult’s parade, and we have you covered from registration to the road.

Fete always. Live Well.